LOVE Witnessed ....

We were Happy to have Hunter and Kami here today.
Today is Father's celebrated with his kids. {I got to watch!}
We had agreed yesterday....Lamar do Biscuits, I'd cook the Bacon{takes 2 pks. to feed, when Hunter is w/us!!}, and Marc would finish ---w/grits, gravy and eggs.
Ok. Lamar was just beginning the biscuit mixing....and I was on the 1st batch of Bacon.
Marc runs me out!....wakes up the kids....and tells them, they will help him cook b'fast!! {didn't think that would "go over", but they jumped in there!}
Y' warms an ol' Mama/GRANDma's heart.!!
Seeing these 2 Beautiful Grands--- Listen to their Dad, (giving instructions)--and maybe, even having a bit of Fun, along the journey, as they worked IN the kitchen WITH their Dad.
I'm a Mama....this "scene" touched my heart n soul. sniff,sniff   I got to BE there.
Note: NONE wanted any pics...Marc, because he wasn't "dressed" for pics!! Kami, caus…


This Beautiful bird showed up, first in March..and here--end of April.
 IF, I had only known...what a "thorn in the backside" this experience would become....I probably would have RUN the 2 of them away!!
I'm Serious y'all!! I Need some TLC n Sympathy...
The pair of Blue birds took up residence, in this birdhouse. They have been here for some time...
The last couple of weeks!{yes!}....this male has decided my baby C..and sometimes the GMC...are his Personal POOPIN site!!!!
geeZ!!! I have "cleaned" poopie Off my CLEAN car (just cleaned on Fri.)..Multiple times per day. The Nut won't STOP. UGH.!!!!!!
Y'all...I'm 'bout ready, for 'dem babies to be w/o a Daddy!! Really.
(I tried misting him w/water progress.)
Yes...he's beautiful....but what a Devilish stinker!!
Any ideas?
Can't wait for these babies to be OUTTA here!!.....mostly, the Daddy one.!!!!!!

BLUE BIRD story ~

Woke up from nap, 'bout 2:30pm....out onto Porch.
First thing I spotted---beautiful BLUE bird---sitting on Marc's truck! Ofcourse, I ran for the Camera!{he had flown from there!} Then...spotted him again.
wOw! It's a pair of Blues....
He moved onto our truck bed....and then....
there's the Female, on top of the birdhouse...
back Together...again  {this was so EXciting!}
He stuck his Head inside...for a look/see! He Knew I was watching??? He flew over to Marc's truck again...then, up into the tree (watching) Female came back again...
He came back (saw me?) and just sat there! They both flew away.  How wondermous, to witness this "event".  Backstory ~ this is the same birdhouse wrens/chickadees "fought" over a couple yrs. ago! Chickadees have been "scouting" it for a couple of weeks. Hmm....may be a fight for control this yr.!! It was A.Ma.Zing to see this unfold. We had a couple of "visitor" Blue Birds yrs. ago....but, never …


Image has been 36yrs. we have been Married!!
Jan. 3, 1981 I had no clue then, how this day, would Forever change my life! Lamar likes to laugh...because, My knees were "knocking" and he, was in a calm place! Lamar also married--two rowdy young boys! He gave them Love and Guidance, they needed. Lamar is the Best example/Mentor--a gOOd man...He Loves them, as if, they are His bio Sons....and they've Always FELT that. GOD truly Blessed this family, on that day! All marriages have ups/downs, happiness/sadness, good health/sickness. We've had our share of all that...and More.  All the way on this journey, I've always known...Lamar is MY Rock/FUN partner/best support. No doubts. As we Celebrate these 36ys...I have to give Kudos, to our Families for their support. Also, some of THE bestest Friends, to help us thru some hard times...and just plain have FUN!  Thank you All...we Love ya. GOD is gOOd...All the time y'all. I Know now, that it Is True ~ Love grows,…

CHICKEN World !! ~

Now...I had nevah heard of this one. Recently, Wendy's moved out ~ in comes Chicken World? ok.
Today, 'round 11am or so --the phone rang. I answered {as I put down my B'fast/Lunch, an egg sandwich!}.
It was Kami ~ she said GrandMa, you said you'd take me to Chicken World! We don't have any money, and I want you to take me....What? I asked where she was, leaving a Dr. appt., parking lot she replied.
I thought this child was joking w/me.  NOT.  Stacey took the phone, laughing herself silly --repeated what Kami said, and told me Kami was Serious!! I was really laughing out loud, by that time!
Well. You KNOW what a GrandMa is gonna do {@ least this one!}. I put my 1/2 sandwich on the bar, got in my 'Mara and met Kami & Stacey --for lunch @ Chicken World.  LMAO
The food was gOOd, but service verrry slow {it's 2nd day open!!} Kami got her chicken fingers. Ofcourse she did.
Now y'all ~ GOD has truly Blessed us w/Wonderful GRANDS --all of them. We LOVE the…

TESTIFY ~ LOVE is out there!

I'm excited to tell this story ....!
I AM NOT A SHOPPER. With that being said...I was forced to go today!
Our washer ('07), is about to die on us! She decided, she'd rather "fly"... than stay still in place, while Spinning!{so noisy, sounded like a plane trying to take off!} The repairman said, was bearings wearing out. Why? It's only that old!
Checked w/our FAV place...nope. They are getting out of the appliance, only furniture&home furnishings. {FYI ~ most appliances in our house & furniture have come from there, over 30yrs. time!!}
Popped on over to HOME DEPOT. The sale is ON...YEAH! Found one, good price...sticking w/our Whirlpool/Maytag. Bummers....canNot deliver, until Next Mon. UGH. Now people....we got to get washing, before it backs on up on me.!! LOL
GOD's Angels were "on duty" today. Strangers are only Friends, we haven't met.
FRAN, the salesman {an older gent, with white/grey hair Ponytail, behind his hea…

GRATITUDE....x 3 !!

Some might say....I'm a "bit" OCD....just sometimes. LOL
There's this ....get a scenario, in my head, and Refuse to let go, until it takes wings!!
These three women, made my scenarios happen.!
1. Stacey West > May 2014
I was so DARN happy w/THIS Hat.! {@ the time Ginger sent it, I wasn't too active!} I wanted a pic, so I could show Ginger, I was lovin this Hat.!!! {turns out....this Pic was "most Liked" that year!}. Go figure....

2. Ami Hall Godfrey > June 2015
After I received my Hat....wanted so Dang bad, to have a pic w/sweet Alice. Both, in our Hats.{it finally happened, almost a yr. later!}Think? I borrowed Ginger's hat for the pic!.... This one picture, is a True TREASURE to me! I have only a couple of pics w/Alice. {SISTA/FRIEND--lifetime.}

3. Ronda Dover Hall > June 2016
Dreamed of having my pic...w/Beautiful SUNFLOWERS.{a FAV flower for me}.
I am sooooooooo HAPPY w/this picture.

The real "feely" part is....I  LOVE these w…