AIR.........ummmmm OK!

Yep. Bought us this little ditty! Got a great deal on it....Less than retail, ofcourse.!!
1st experience tonight. Cooked ground chuck "steaks" + French Fries.
CONs {my opinion} If doing more than 1 thing... you must Clean in between cookings. (annoying..LOL)
The STEAM frm this guy....wOw! filled the kitchen+dining room.!!!! Now. {I Know, George Foreman don't do that!!}....Had to open window! and let some smokey stuff Out!
My nemisis -- Digital controls! Gonna take some "learnin" to conquer that mess.!!LOL
I found, meat wasn't "done" just added 10 extra min. No problem. Meat was tender and good....NO grease!
Fries ---Crunchy, gOOd! Lamar & me both liked that...again, NO grease.
I think, I will actually ENjoy using it....when, I Master the digital thingy. LOL
IF you have one, what's Your opinion of the Air Fryer?
Happy fryin folks.....

ANNIVERSARY, # 37 !!!!!!

Jan. 3, 1981 A lot of changes....many gOOd, others...tough health issues. But. WE are still fighting, as ONE. We make a darn gOOd Team! {some days....our 2 brains, kick in, and work as 1 complete unit!!} LOL Age has crept up on us...since this pic! GOD brought this man into our lives. We All know how Blessed we are, to have Lamar... The SONS + Donnie, have THE best Role model, Mentor and Friend. And me -- well. I got THE best Husband, Provider, Friend, and DAD for our boys. We both have "slowed down", more than we like to tell! But...we DO still have FUN & enjoy each other {most of the time...LOL}

These are a few of My fav pics of us.  I Am THANKFUL....for every moment, and year Shared. (Looking forward to hitting that #50 together.!!)

Christmas JOY!!!

I am so HAPPY w/these 2 beautiful Butterflies! L side --bought Myself, near my birthday; R - Eric&Pattie gave me.
The "boxed" chains are so Cheap n Thin! I was Afraid to wear them...don't want to lose the butterflies! (Even had chain clip replaced on L one)....{my ol' fingers can't hook them bittie suckers!!} Eric&Pattie's was a better clip! {both were a bit short--for my "fat" neck!!}LOL
Today....Ronda & me were @ Kohl's. I was busy, watch shopping {a weakness!}, while she was buying something...fairly close to me.
I asked her if she found something....she said yes....but nevah offered to show me! Hmmm....
We get into the car...she hands me this box, and says Merry Christmas!
I was so Surprised! Ronda bought me this BEAUTIFUL, sturdy, Sterling Silver chain --for my Butterflies!!
Now. I'm not easily left speechless!!!....but this "took my breath" for a moment.! It IS Awesome....
Now, I can wear my beautiful Butterflies…

Saturday LESSONS......

Guess, 'bout 4-5" of this white stuff/aka SNOW!! Started Fri. am, finally stopped Sat.
Hard times....lead to Hard Lessons in REALITY 101!
We woke up Sat. morning...NO Power. It was already COLD in the house.
Our Oil lamps do provide some light relief!
As a young child....we lived places, where there was NO insulation....warming front body side, then the "backside" front of Space heaters. Nights were spent bundled/huddled well into overnight heat! I DO remember...
Waking up COLD, was a really big SLAP, into a past life!
I immediately began piling on clothing! LOL  LotZa them! and finally, found some warmth.
Later in the day.....Marc found us a propane Heater, to use, if power stayed off. late afternoon....Power came ON, Lamar got his TV back, and I was on FB....catching Up. LOL
Talk about taking things for granted!!! I do. {for a brief few minutes, we got Power.....Heat felt gOOd....then gone again!}
The wonder is....what did w…

OCT. 17th.....BirthDate Celebration/Reflections...

There IT is ^ ....!!
old joke :
I AM Blessed.
Health is fair....aches, pains, crackin/poppin!, but doing well "for my age".  LOL
Happy to arise each morning, get things done, and ENjoy my life. (A bit slower, on the movin thang, but to go/do things necessary each day.)
At this time in life....HAPPY to have a Great, Loving Family; 2 Wonderful SONS; beautiful GRANDkids; Awesome Friends; Amazing Husband (36yrs. now!); never forgetting..2 Loving Parents, who paved my life path&growth. 
Life IS gOOd.
Wisdom comes barreling @ ya....after 69yrs.!
LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.....the Best things to Learn, &incorporate into every day life. Never give up. Treat others, as you want to be treated. The Past is gone, the Future is unknown, LIVE...each day truly is a PRESENT. Do your best, to take care of You....especially, if you need to assist/care for another in your life. {these are some of my present goals.}

^ these are parts, of Who I am....

*I'm the Woman on the right…

Pre-Birthday CELEBRATION...

Countdown has begun....6 days .... to 69! Ohhhh......yes.!!
GOD has blessed me so much, thru all these years.
Among my blessings......these 3....Beautiful, Loving, Generous, Loyal, Supportive, Caring, Funny, Amazing women:
FRIENDS > Ronda, Vickie, Sue
Monday was a day of Celebration....for me & for Vickie.
(her b'day is Sept. 29th) We decided to put ours Together...Twice the FUN!
Dinner @ Olive Garden....QT time spent having delish food, a wittle drinkie-poo, & fellowship...we Laughed...a lot!
They always are, "over the top" w/gifts.!!(I get a bit overwhelmed, and am always surprised.!!) Everything they do, is So much Appreciated. This one was Not an exception.
 beautiful Angel pic...
Awesome frame for pictures....ART! piece!

+ Gift card @ Starbucks; Gift card, for Pro photographer, for Me!! (now y'all Know....I'm not a "Me" pic person. LOL)..but I'm delighted, by the opportunity to "play" @ this "Me" thing..(I love th…

LOVE Witnessed ....

We were Happy to have Hunter and Kami here today.
Today is Father's celebrated with his kids. {I got to watch!}
We had agreed yesterday....Lamar do Biscuits, I'd cook the Bacon{takes 2 pks. to feed, when Hunter is w/us!!}, and Marc would finish ---w/grits, gravy and eggs.
Ok. Lamar was just beginning the biscuit mixing....and I was on the 1st batch of Bacon.
Marc runs me out!....wakes up the kids....and tells them, they will help him cook b'fast!! {didn't think that would "go over", but they jumped in there!}
Y' warms an ol' Mama/GRANDma's heart.!!
Seeing these 2 Beautiful Grands--- Listen to their Dad, (giving instructions)--and maybe, even having a bit of Fun, along the journey, as they worked IN the kitchen WITH their Dad.
I'm a Mama....this "scene" touched my heart n soul. sniff,sniff   I got to BE there.
Note: NONE wanted any pics...Marc, because he wasn't "dressed" for pics!! Kami, caus…