BLUE BIRD story ~

Woke up from nap, 'bout 2:30pm....out onto Porch.
First thing I spotted---beautiful BLUE bird---sitting on Marc's truck! Ofcourse, I ran for the Camera!{he had flown from there!} Then...spotted him again.
wOw! It's a pair of Blues....
He moved onto our truck bed....and then....
there's the Female, on top of the birdhouse...
back Together...again  {this was so EXciting!}
He stuck his Head inside...for a look/see!
He Knew I was watching???
He flew over to Marc's truck again...then, up into the tree (watching)
Female came back again...

He came back (saw me?) and just sat there!
They both flew away. 
How wondermous, to witness this "event". 
Backstory ~ this is the same birdhouse wrens/chickadees "fought" over a couple yrs. ago! Chickadees have been "scouting" it for a couple of weeks. Hmm....may be a fight for control this yr.!!
It was A.Ma.Zing to see this unfold. We had a couple of "visitor" Blue Birds yrs. ago....but, never saw any interest in the birdhouse!
I can't wait to see how this "story" unfolds this Spring!
Note: I know I woke up, just in time, to see this! 
Bring it on.....SPRING!!


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