LOVE Witnessed ....

We were Happy to have Hunter and Kami here today.
Today is Father's celebrated with his kids. {I got to watch!}
We had agreed yesterday....Lamar do Biscuits, I'd cook the Bacon{takes 2 pks. to feed, when Hunter is w/us!!}, and Marc would finish ---w/grits, gravy and eggs.
Ok. Lamar was just beginning the biscuit mixing....and I was on the 1st batch of Bacon.
Marc runs me out!....wakes up the kids....and tells them, they will help him cook b'fast!! {didn't think that would "go over", but they jumped in there!}
Y' warms an ol' Mama/GRANDma's heart.!!
Seeing these 2 Beautiful Grands--- Listen to their Dad, (giving instructions)--and maybe, even having a bit of Fun, along the journey, as they worked IN the kitchen WITH their Dad.
I'm a Mama....this "scene" touched my heart n soul. sniff,sniff   I got to BE there.
Note: NONE wanted any pics...Marc, because he wasn't "dressed" for pics!! Kami, cause she'll hide, too!!...Hunter was the "least" affected!
Hunter does cook b'fast, sometimes. He said he already Knew how!!....when I told Kami, she was old enough now to start cooking!
Just the ramblings of a nostalgic, old woman....


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